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PSYCHE is an evening-length musical in which the mortal characters are performed by Broadway singers and the gods by opera singers.

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Psyche follows a young woman worshipped for her beauty in mythic Ancient Greece. Psyche, who believes herself incapable of romantic desire, prays to the love goddess Aphrodite to “fix” her. But when Psyche accidentally murders the man she was arranged to marry, Aphrodite curses her to marry a monster instead.

Psyche expects her new husband to kill her, but instead he reveals himself to be Eros, the old god of love, also punished by Aphrodite to exist as a monster in the shadows. Psyche begins to fall for Eros, whom she cannot see or touch. But as she comes into her own agency and powers that may allow her to escape her fate, she must decide if she is willing to give up everything for a chance to love.

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