by Jake Landau

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& Aeterna

a new one-act opera

to pair with Purcell's Dido & Aeneas

Music by Jake Landau

Libretto by Emily Garber

Written in English.

Premiering onstage 2022 at The Narnia Festival in Narni, Italy, conducted by the composer from the keyboard. Directed by Andrea DelGiudice as part of her evening-length concept Dido & Aeneas & Aeterna.

Commissioned as part of Landau's Composer-in-Residency.

& Aeterna was written to pair with Henry Purcell's Dido & Aeneas and includes a Prologue to be sung before it as well as the opera proper, to be performed after with no intermission (totalling under 90 minutes).

& Aeterna requires that Dido & Aeneas be performed by the following ensemble: vln 1; vln 2; vla; vcl; dbs; and harpsichord -- Purcell's initial instrumentation -- with the addition of one percussionist playing a part arranged by Landau.

& Aeterna is scored for the same forces, except that the harpsichord is replaced by a piano. (This may be easily achievable with a digital keyboard.)


a new one-act opera

to pair with Puccini's Suor Angelica

Music by Jake Landau

Libretto by Jake Landau and Andrea DelGiudice

Written in English.

Premiered onstage 2021 at The Narnia Festival in Narni, Italy, conducted by the composer. Commissioned as part of Landau's Composer-in-Residency.

American premiere September 2022 at the Axelrod Performing Arts Center.

- - - 

Film version

Editor and Cinematographer       Jacob Maximillian Baron

Director     Andrea DelGiudice

Starring     Devony Smith               Claire Leyden

                    Sishel Claverie              Alexia Bigari

                    Stacey Canterbury       Jordan Weatherson Pitts

                    Erik Van Heyningen     Erin Kennedy

                    Kristina Shafranski      Kayla Faccilongo

                    Christine Duncan         Melanie Long

Program for the filmed reading.

Trailer for the filmed reading.

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Pietà was written for the Narnia Festival's 2020 season to be paired with Puccini's Suor Angelica.

Version 1: c. 90 minutes (evening-length)

Version 2: c. 60 minutes (for performance with Suor Angelica)

Orchestrations available


Chamber orchestra

Full orchestra (the same forces as Suor Angelica)

For additional information on this project, contact Kathy Olsen at Encompass Arts Management.

Birds of Paradise

an operatic short

Music and libretto by Jake Landau

Story by Harris Ferguson and Jake Landau

Electronics by Harris Ferguson

Written in English.


Middle-aged lovebirds Polly and Paul have been married for a number of years now, living together in a house on top of an old giant woman’s head. One morning, Paul steps outside to find that their lawn, the giant woman’s hair, has changed overnight from its normal grey to a shocking purple. The giantess, Gladys, has apparently gone through some sort of late-life crisis and dyed her hair. This seemingly benign change to Polly and Paul’s surroundings calls to the fore their deepest- repressed marital issues, forcing the two birds to decide how to handle their crumbling relationship else it slips through their talons.

a 10-minute opera for soprano, baritone, and piano with optional electronics



Music by Jake Landau

Choreography by Nadège Hottier

Based on the short story by Edgar Allen Poe

Commissioned by Premiere Division Ballet as part of Landau's Composer-in-Residency.

Premiered 2018 at Martha Graham Studio Theater.

c. 1 hour

vln 1; vln 2; pno


Music by Jake Landau

Choreography and original story by Nadège Hottier

Commissioned by Premiere Division Ballet as part of Landau's Composer-in-Residency.

Premiered 2015 at New York Live Arts Theater.

c. 1 hour 30 min

sop; vcl; elec; kbds (toy piano, melodica, shruti, piano)




songs, cycles, collections, monodramas, lil musicals

click on each title for a score sample

The Coin Toss

a song cycle

Music & lyrics by Jake Landau

a person flips a coin to decide whether or not to text their ex, but the coin spirals up impossibly high into the sky and doesn't come back down. it is not the only thing spiralling.

c. 12 minutes

vx; pno


vx; pno; e-gtr; cbs; drums

Premiered at Birdland Jazz Club by Sam Gravitte accompanied by Jake Landau (pno.), Ravi Campbell (e-gtr.), Kanoa Mendenhall (cbs.) and Zach Mullings (drums). 

Echo & Narcissus

a lil musical

Music by Jake Landau

Book & lyrics by Emily Garber

a miniature chamber musical interpreting the eponymous myth. Echo, reeling from a curse that only allows her to repeat what others say to her first, stumbles upon her childhood love, Narcissus, in the woods. but he only has eyes for his own reflection.

c. 10 minutes

vx (female, Echo); vx (male, Narcissus); vcl (Narcissus's reflection); surprise vla (Echo's reflection, optional); percussion (1 player, optional); one piano four-hands (optionally one piano two-hands)




Uncommonly Studio, Anthime Miller, March 2022

Off-Brand Opera, dir. Shira Gitlin, May 2022

The Narnia Festival, International Vocal Arts: "Mythos" Opera Scenes, July 2022

on poetry by Sappho, tr. Anne Carson

an intimate prayer to Hera. only part of Sappho's text survives. as the poem breaks off, so does the voice, leaving behind the rhythmic shadow of Sappho's meter tapped onto the body of the lyre.

c. 3 minutes

vx (high male or low female); lyre



on poetry by Robert Graves

"As green commands the variables of green /

So love my many loves of you."

c. 2'

vx; pno



on poetry by Sappho, tr. Emily Garber

the narrator's love is slowly revealed to be obsession.

Premiered at the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building at Oxford University.

c. 10'

version 1: sop; pno

version 2: sop; vln I; vln II; vla; vcl; cbs; perc (1 player); pno



Scotch Lyrics

a collection of songs on Scottish texts


text by Marion Angus

A Hurt So Small

text by Marion Angus

Mary's Song

text by Marion Angus

The Smiling Morn

setting of a folk song as collected by Pleyel

each song between 2-5'

vx (originally low. medium and high keys available); pno

Scottish / English


Elizabethan Songs

a collection of songs on Elizabethan lute song texts


on lyrics by John Donne

Still To Be Neat

on lyrics by Ben Johnson

Never Love Unless

on lyrics by Thomas Campion


on lyrics by Thomas Campion

Sweet, Come Away

on lyrics by Robert Jones

When Laura Smiles

on lyrics by Thomas Campion

Fair, If You Expect Admiring

on lyrics by Thomas Campion

My Mother Sits Me

on an anonymous text

Fire, Fire

on lyrics by Thomas Campion


Three Suits for Understanding

     "Still To Be Neat", "Never Love Unless", and "Corinna"


     "Sweet, Come Away", "When Laura Smiles", "Fair, If You Expect Admiring", "Fire, Fire"

     Original versions of "Sweet, Come Away" and "When Laura Smiles" for two-part chorus and piano are available as part of the Judith Clurman G. Schirmer collection.

each song between 2-5'

vx; pno

Elizabethan English


a monodrama

on lyrics by Joni Mitchell

a failed love story told in reverse.

I. Sunny Sunday

II. Borderline

III. Lucky Girl

Premiered at Paul Hall of the Juilliard School.

c. 15'

Version 1: sop; organ; pno

Version 2: sop; pno

transposition for mezzo available



a song cycle

on poetry by Nik Richard

accompanied solely by an electronic chorus of their own voice, the singer tries to think their way over a one-sided relationship.

I. to different people

II. cigarette

III. long enough to see the sun

Premiered at Paul Hall of the Juilliard School.

c. 8'

vx (medium or low); vocoder (live electronics)



a monodrama

on poetry by Alfonsina Storni

and translations by Landau

a man struggles giving up his soul to the moon.

I. Prologue

II. Viaje

III. Interlude

IV. Over

Commissioned and premiered by the Young Artist Studio at Houston Grand Opera.

c. 17'

bari; pno

Spanish and English


on poetry by Keats, excerpted from "Ode to a Nightingale"

c. 5'

bari; vln (no pno)



En El Huerto de la Petenera

Premiered at the Young Artists Vocal Academy of Houston Grand Opera.

c. 3'

mez; pno





Psyche Nocturnes

set of nocturnes derived from the music of Psyche, an original musical/opera co-written with Emily Garber

i. Eros

ii. Aphrodite

iii. Adonis

iv. Psyche

c. 15'


music excerpted from the short film Cold Water by Jack Maffucci.

c. 3'



arranged from the original for mixed sextet​

c. 5'



for the intermediate pianist

eight diverse pieces of progressive difficulty

c. 15'



solo instrument



for trombone

a postlude to Berio's Sequenza V

Commissioned by the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation.

Premiered at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam.

c. 5'


Violin Sonata No. 2

I. Rhapsody

II. Scherzo

III. Chorale with Doubles

IV. Pedals

c. 20'


with herself

for violin

written as a companion piece to Florid, for violin and orchestra

Premiered in New Albany, Ohio for the New Albany Symphony.

c. 6'


Hydrangea Prelude

for harp

written at the Boston Unversity Tanglewood Institute

c. 2'



solo instrument



for piano and electronics

collaboration with Maurice Marion of Sunspeaker

live electronics or tape

Premiered at Paul Hall of the Juilliard School.

c. 5'


Violin Sonata No. 1

for violin and piano with optional drumset

I. Presto tocatissimo

II. Rubato espressivo

III. Finale: Presto

Premiered at Paul Hall of the Juilliard School.

c. 15'



for viola and piano

a virtuosic chaconne

Premiered at Paul Hall of the Juilliard School.

c. 6'


Lounge Fantasy

for violin and piano

a tuneset

Premiered at Paul Hall of the Juilliard School.

c. 10'



chamber music

for miscellaneous ensemble

Crown and Anchor

an acoustic remix of the piano part of "Blue" by Joni Mitchell from the eponymous album

c. 6'

vib; mar; 4 pnos


Second Jennifer

written for the The Sibelius Academy’s Creative Dialogue Symposium VIII

Premiered at St. Francis Auditorium in Santa Fe, NM.

c. 4'

vcl; e-bass


"All Things Considered" Remix

written for the NPR program "All Things Considered"

recorded at the Aspen Music Festival and School

c. 1'

12 vcl


Suite for 2 Violins

I. Prelude: Slope

II. Aria Waltzes

III. Fairy Tale March

IV. The Tipsy Canoneer

V. Skylit

also arranged for 2 violas

c. 10'



a concertino

Version 1: cl; vib; pno; vln; vla; vcl

Version 2: e-guitar; org; pno; vln; vla; vcl

Premiered at the Aspen Music Festival and School.

c. 7'




a concert opener

Published by Edition Peters.

c. 5'



an encore piece for violin and orchestra

Commissioned and premiered by the New Albany Symphony.

c. 6'

Sonatine for Strings

for string orchestra

c. 5'


2 Shorts for Orchestra

Spouting Bombast premiered by the New York Philharmonic.

c. 5'




Dona Nobis Pacem

c. 3'

Were All The World Like You

on poetry by Arthur Macy

c. 4'

SATB and piano



on Elizabethan lute song texts

Published as part of the Judith Clurman G. Schirmer Collection.

c. 5'

SA and piano